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Nashville Angels Tee
Nashville Angels Tee
Nashville Angels Tee

Nashville Angels Tee

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I wanted to create a custom design inspired by those who made living in the city safer and stronger as I was growing up in NYC during the 80's. There were certain groups that took it upon themselves to bring our community together by protecting and looking out for us. Some of these guardians would even visit my house and let me borrow their signature red beret. -Vero 

The “Nashville Angels” t-shirt by The Bowery Vault was created to serve many purposes. This new TBV staple gives 20% of it's profit towards different communities, charities or individuals in times of need. We created this t-shirt just after the tornado ripped through our city destroying businesses, homes & lives. Unaware of the next big hit we were about to take with Covid -19, we would now like to offer you the choice as to which organization your contributions will benefit. 

Tornado Middle Tennessee Emergency Response  Fund

Covid 19 Feeding America


This Delta 100% cotton tee has been carefully chosen by our TBV stylist Vero Sanchez. “I’ve spent years sourcing through many t-shirt brands looking for the the perfect tailored tee.” What makes the perfect tee? “I factor in many components when trying to choose just one. I look for the fibery knit feel and the old school 80’s cut. I look for good shoulder seams, a solid crew neck and a sleeve length that will lay just right. Most importantly a perfect tee is one that looks great on every body type and will age like an old rock-n-roll t-shirt. This one’s my choice!”